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2021 Feast of Holiday Savings and Discounts from Unlimited Singing Bowls

by Max Holmquist November 19, 2021

The holidays are upon us and not-quite-benevolent overlord Bezos is once again asking us all:

What sends you to space? What Primes your engine? What lights a Fire Stick under your HDMI port?

For us this Holiday Season, it's helping you find the perfect singing bowls, mallets, and other bowl accessories... all at a great price. If you need singing bowls for your own personal healing journey or helping others through your sound healing practice, we want to be the ones to get you the right instruments! So let us!

Why us? We've got years of experience, we have a selection that's both wide AND tall, and we're just the most fun you can have on a public computer at the library. Oh, AND we've got some great discounts for your holiday season. Why would you go with the other guys (you know the ones in the Bowler Hats)?! Come to us, the official gong and singing bowl elves, as decreed in 2004 by Santa, the OB (original Bezos).

Align yourself to the appropriate digital internet ports, ride the tubes and arrive at Unlimited Singing Bowls' little slice of the Internet Server Space.

Now, about those savings... Starting on Thanksgiving morning (Thursday, November 25th) at 10 am, you can use any of these coupon codes below to save. All you have to do is enter the appropriate code at checkout with the correct items in your cart. And don't forget to check out all of the coupons, discounts, and savings we're offering over at Gongs Unlimited too.

There's a limit of 1 use per coupon per customer. Coupon codes DON'T stack, so you can only use 1 per order. These expire at the end of the day on Monday, November 29th.

Drink lots of water, don't forget to stretch, and enjoy the savings. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the relevant product links!
$100 Off Orders Over $800 with Code PRETTYGOOD at Unlimited Singing Bowls$200 Off Orders Over $1600 with Code OKAYOHYEAH at Unlimited Singing Bowls$300 Off Orders Over $2400 with Code WOWWOWWOW at Unlimited Singing Bowls10% off Gift Cards Over $100 with Code GIVETHEGIFT at Unlimited Singing Bowls
And here are some savings on specific products!:
10% off Infinite Chakra Bowls with Code ONEMORECHAKRA at Unlimited Singing Bowls15% off Annapurna Bowls with Code MAKEYOUPURRNA at Unlimited Singing Bowls15% off Pumori Bowls with Code WHATSTHESTORY at Unlimited Singing Bowls
10% off 14" Gold Sri Yantra Bowls with Code ALLTHATGLIMMERS at Unlimited Singing Bowls
See our Individual Infinite Chakra Singing Bowls here.
Check out Annapurna Singing Bowls here.
Hear each of our Pumori Singing Bowls here.
Lay your eyes upon our 14" Gold Sri Yantra Singing Bowls here.

Max Holmquist
Max Holmquist