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8" Crystal Tones™ Platinum Bowl: A beautiful heart sigh of relief

by Andrew Borakove October 23, 2017

This 8" Crystal Tones™ Platinum Bowl is not available on our site at this time, but that doesn't mean you can't experience it in sound, nor does it mean that you can't order one like it. You can listen to our Crystal Tones™ Platinum Bowls in stock now. If this bowl resonates better with you, contact us and we will work with Crystal Tones™ to have one sent to you.

This 8" Crystal Tones™ Platinum Bowl graced the presence of our site for a moment and then found a home with Pris who responded with the following review.

Title: A beautiful heart sigh of relief
Rating: 5 stars
Author: Pris

"All I can say is the initial sound upon being struck by the mallet as well as the extraordinary depth and length of the overtones are delicious, delightful and oh, so dazzling! Even more potent and powerfully immersive than on the YouTube video, which by the way, does do it justice. But WOW, live is like nothing I've ever heard before! My heart and soul simply soar with the sound in happy re-union!"

We are so happy you have found your bowl-mate, Pris! And we wish the same for you dear blog reader.

Please enjoy.

Filmed by VJ Herbert Sound and Vibration Healer at Unlimited Singing Bowls

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl

This Platinum Crystal Bowl really helps with grounding. It has a rather unique ability to ground your astral body to the Earth’s astral body. This sort of grounding allows your dreamspace, your out of body experiences, to feel and be safer. You will be less troubled by lower and darker entities on the astral and mental planes.

It also helps dissolve blocks and stuck energies that are in your nervous system from media and computers. Removing these energies allows you to get more centered and more grounded. While doing all this syncing of you to the planet, it will also help get you in present time with the Earth Changes so you don’t get all spacey or lost.

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Thanks and love from Singing Bowls Unlimited!

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


Nice guy

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