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A Sound Healing from Andrew with Frosted Crystal Bowls

by Max Unlimited August 15, 2019

If we look at the experience of life as a series of choices and decisions between this or that, we can see that it is also a series of questions. Should I exercise this morning? What is for breakfast? What shoes should I wear? Should I take this job offer? Should I stay, or should I go, now? How will I pay this bill? Do I have yogurt at home or should I get some more?

It is easy to get caught up in the buffet of questions and their answers. What is right and what is wrong? How will this affect my life and the lives of others? Before you know it, the questions pile up and their answers pour over the edge of the giant plate of what one person can handle.

This is where faith can be a handy piece of technology, like a moist towelette or dark socks. Some questions don't have one concrete answer. Others can lead to a nebulous series of questions leading to more questions. If one can trust in their connection to their own higher purpose, the power of the Universe, God or to whatever name works with their software, clear answers will come simply.

When you're able to quiet the mind, the ego, the outside world, fears of the future built from your past, from the silence can come simple answers that were really there all along. One way to quiet the mind is by bathing it in calming sounds, the blending of harmonic tones and overtones, washing out the static of the world and calming the noise inside the brain and allowing room for the simple answers in life.

Sound therapy and faith won't fix all of your problems, but the regular practice of faith and trust can help remove extra psychic weight that obscures the big picture, weight which keeps us slogging along on our ethereal knees when we had astral wings (or jetpacks) all along.

Listen to and receive a sound healing from Andrew in the video above and see if it helps to quiet the mind. What sort of simple answers will you receive?

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To check out another Sound Healing video from the Paiste Synodic Moon Gong, click here.

Max Unlimited
Max Unlimited


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