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Ancient Mecha: New Sound Bath and Meditation Music from Unlimited Flow

by Max Unlimited February 13, 2020

Last year, we started a new music and recording venture we're calling Unlimited Flow.

We're always searching for new ways to share the power and joy of sound therapy with the world. With our years of experience recommending sound therapy tools and instruments and our access to a wide range of tools, we realized we're in a unique position to be able to create and share sounds to calm the mind, body, and soul.

Our latest piece, titled "Ancient Mecha" was written, performed, and recorded by our own Conoley Ospovot. He is a talented DJ and producer (click here to hear some of his other, independent recordings).

Listen and support us through Bandcamp by clicking "buy" below:

Take some time and let the sounds wrap themselves around you. Gaze into the artwork, created by artist and Unlimited employee Jacob Smith (also a talented musician and producer). Imagine yourself, a million years in the past and a million years in the future.

Find and reflect on that part of you that is eternal. You are not your body. Your body serves your consciousness. Thank your body for carrying your consciousness safely down the river. Thank the river for carrying your body across time.

If you enjoyed this latest sonic creation, check out our last release, Space Forest, from last March:

We'll be releasing more music in the future. To stay in the loop, click here to follow us on Spotify.

And while you're here, we've also cured a a playlist of other sound bath and meditation music we've found that we enjoy:

Max Unlimited
Max Unlimited