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Mallet of the Month: Unlimited OG Atlantis Crystal Singing Bowl Mallets

by Max Unlimited August 09, 2019

From the depths of the ocean, echoing forward and backward from both the beginning and end of all time, Atlantis sends three precious artifacts. These magical tools of vibratory activation, like wands and staves, hold the potential for great spiritual cleansing and rejuvenation.

Are you a sound therapist working with crystal bowls? Yes! How did we know? It was sent to our brains by the Atlanteans! Don't be afraid, we want to help you with your crystal bowl mallet needs. We have the crystal bowl knowledge to help you. Years of experience working with these bowls have given us insight into the needs of the bowl player.

Listen and watch as Conoley and Caroline explore the sounds and qualities of these gifts from Atlantis!

Listen and watch as Caroline compares these new mallets to the standard mallet.

We spent a year going back-and-forth with mallet-makers, trying new prototypes, and experimenting with different types of silicone and levels of hardness and softness. Through this process (and with divine inspiration from the Atlanteans), we developed some great new mallets, perfect for work with your high-quality Crystal Singing Bowls. 

While felt mallets that often come with these bowls can create a rough, buzzing tone, the smooth, silicone OG Atlantis Mallets present an extremely clean, pure tone. Due to the nature of silicone, the player is able to activate the bowl just with friction (no need to tap the rim first!) They make it extremely easy to activate and play your crystal bowls.

These mallets are lightweight, easy to use, and they provide beautiful tones. Add them to your sound therapy toolkit today and amplify your spiritual healing work.

To see and purchase these mallets, click here!

Check out our selection of Frosted Crystal Bowls here.

For more magic and wonder, check out our blog post about Sacred Geometry and The Flower of Life over at our sister store, Gongs Unlimited.

Max Unlimited
Max Unlimited


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