Mother's Day Curated Gift Boxes

by Unlimited Staff April 13, 2018

Mothers! We come out of their bodies or come in to their lives, and they love us the best they know how. We love them back, and we challenge them too. We would like to say a mother's love is unconditional, but we have enough experience with the human condition to know that is not always true. But each step in love gets us closer, so why not give a gift of love? These gift boxes of sound, comfort, scent and light support that process and are a wonderful way to show gratitude for the person in your life who has mothered you, nurtured you, and will hold you in their heart always.

Enjoy choosing the right gift box for your mother figure.

Awareness Gift Box: Supports clarity of mind and spirit with a singing bowl, Amethyst, tincture, incense, and soap.

Nourishment Gift Box: Encourages comfort and nurturing support with a singing bowl, Rose Quartz, tea, incense, and sugar scrub.

Release Gift Box: Supports relaxation and letting go of fears and worries with a singing bowl, Smokey Quartz, tea, sage, and bath salt.

Uplifting Gift Box: Lightens the spirit and brings in joy with a singing bowl, Amazonite, essential oil, candle, and salt scrub.

Meet the Singing Bowl Gift Box Curators.

Here we are, the Unlimited Singing Bowl team: Caroline, Stephanie, Ayuko, Angela, Mary and Erin (left to right). From the brainstorming, to the product testing, to the packaging of the final products, these Curated Gift Boxes of Sound and Sense, designed with mothers in mind, have been a sincere pleasure to create. In the act of creating them we also nurtured ourselves testing the body scrubs, sitting in circles smelling essentials oils and sharing the memories and feelings that came up. We played bowls on each other, picked flowers, met new friends from local businesses, and discovered that each of us had our own particular skill to contribute to the process. We are so happy to offer these gift boxes to you to share with the mothers and divine feminine energies in your life.

The Régalade Sugar Scrub (Nourish), Bain de Roses Bath Salt (Release), Joyeuse Pluie Salt Scrub (Uplifting), and Clair de Lune Essential Oil Roll-on (Uplifting) were created by Mary Borakove, (second from the right) who as the partner of Andrew, owner of Gongs Unlimited, has been nurturing the business for a long time. She made our days especially sensual and fun during the testing phases of the bath products and scent selections.

Dawn, a long time friend of Andrew and Mary helped us out by walking us through a gemstone market via FaceTime so that together we could select the beautiful stones present in each gift box.

Arise Botanicals developed the Wild Hearts Hearts Tonic (Nourish and Release) and Fill Your Cup Self-Nuture Tincture (Awareness). The tea and tincture sustained us throughout the birthing of these gift boxes and added a sweet shift to the usual work day. Arise Botanicals is the labor of love and life's work of herbalist, Alex Svoboda. Her work is based around client centered health coaching, workshops and custom herbal formulations. She practices in the Western herbal tradition as a certified clinical herbalist.

Her mission is to help people connect to the earth centered healing that brings about transformative change. Whether in the garden or out in the community, she carries a deep reverence and respect for both plants and people. Arise Botanicals is a source for practical, informed, compassionate and ethical holistic care.

Inspired by the love of family and the love of food, Feya Candle Co. will provide one meal to someone in need with every candle sold. After being raised part of her life by two amazing women: Faye and Pamela, Chief Candle Lady Sarah fell in love with giving. These women sadly passed too young, but the love of food, and their love of caring for those around them now lives in every Feya Candle.

We are very happy to share the Sage and Lemongrass Candle (Uplifting) and Lavender Soap (Awareness) with you. Made of 100% soy, in the USA, and hand-poured with love, these candles are a candle that gives back! For every Feya soap sold, they donate a bar to a homeless shelter or mission. Every bar of Feya soap positively affects the world and, we hope, you as well!

Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Staff


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