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The Three G's of Spiritual Healing and Sound Therapy: Growth (Part 3)

by Andrew Borakove October 30, 2020

This is the third in a series of three videos that we're calling "The Three G's." The three G's are Grounding, Guidance, and Growth. These methods work with gongs, singing bowls, or even just in moments of quiet meditation. If you need to review the first in this series, click here for Part 1: Grounding. Click here for Part 2: Guidance.

This time, I'm talking about Spiritual Growth and taking the next step on your path, be it small or large. The tool and technique I'm using here can be used daily for less imposing things than your life path, you can do this to help yourself to connect to the Divine each day.

I highly recommend you watch the first two videos in this series (links above) and practice those techniques before you do the work in this video.

In this video, I go over Grounding from the first video, and speak briefly on what you did in the second video to hear your Inner Guidance, and now we work directly with the Source, God, Allah, Supreme Being, whatever you prefer to call the Creator and learn how to ask for communication for Growth.

It's really a delight to clean out the cobwebs and energy that we can have in that space and to hear and have all that God wants to communicate to us.

Thanks again for following this series and thank you for healing!

Andrew Borakove
Andrew Borakove


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