What Does it Mean When a Crystal Bowl Note is Plus or Minus Cents?

by Unlimited Staff June 12, 2017


VJ Herbert, Sound Healer, explains what it means when a Crystal Bowl's note is "plus or minus cents."

Unlimited Singing Bowls has found that healers without a deep musical background can be overwhelmed by some of the music terminology that can be discussed in regards to notes.

In this short video, VJ, not only speaks about "plus or minus cents," but also shares it with sound by playing some Crystal Tones Frosted Singing Bowls.

Classical and Western music divides the octave into 12 semitones of 100 cents each.
Cents are used to express tiny intervals.
There are 50 above a pure note and 50 below that note.

But how does that relate to matching your Crystal Bowls so they all sound harmonious together?

See the video below!

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Unlimited Staff
Unlimited Staff


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