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10.25" Thado Antique Bowl (#1)

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Yes, each bowl comes with a pillow and mallet.

Note: The bowl in the video is not the specific bowl that you will receive. It is an example of what this style of singing bowl will look and sound like. If you need to find a bowl that matches a set of bowls you already have, contact us and we can try to help.

Please keep in mind that antique bowls move between frequencies and it's difficult to pin down an exact tone. We have done our best to pick out the most prominent tones.

Approximate Tones:
Rim tone: D# in the 4th octave 303Hz
Dominant Tone: D in the 4th octave 286Hz
Bass Tone: C# in the 2nd octave 71Hz

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter: 10.25" / 26 cm
Height: 5" / 12.7 cm
Weight : 3 lbs 3 oz / 1.4 kg

This is a great beginner’s singing bowl, or for people who have a lot of first timers and beginners attending their sound healing events.

It opens the chakras gently, including the sixth chakra (third eye). We have found it allows the fourth chakra (heart) to open up and allow peace and acceptance in. 

You can’t go wrong with the energy that this antique singing bowl provides

Thadobati Singing Bowls are one of the oldest forms of singing bowls, dating back to the 15th Century. Thadobatis have nearly straight, high-sided walls and a flat bottom that is slightly less wide than the rim. Thadobati Bowls’ walls can bethin or thick. This style of antique singing bowl generally has minimal decoration. It’s not fancy in appearance, butit is easy to play and will produce beautiful sounds.

Being a smaller bowl, Thadobati bowls are generally held in one’s hand when played. Different mallets – suede, fabric, or wood – will produce different tones. It should be noted that smaller bowls respond better to wooden ringers, and larger bowls respond better to suede ringers. The tones this style bowl produces are powerful, clear and direct.

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