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Unlimited Crystal Singing Bowl Cases



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This listing comes with one padded case for Crystal Singing Bowls.

Oh, my sweet, precious Crystal Bowl, what would I do if anything happened to you. I could never lose you. I would do anything to protect you. You're my everythi-

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there. I was just having a tender moment with my Crystal Singing Bowl when you arrived here on this page a moment ago.

Yes, I, like you, care very much for my Crystal Singing Bowl. So how do I protect my beautiful bowl? With an Unlimited Crystal Singing Bowl Case!

They are padded and sized perfectly to fit Crystal Bowls between 6" and 12". Add one to your sound therapy toolkit today to ensure that your Crystal Bowls are protected from the elements!

Bottom of 6" Bag

Open 6" Bag

Bottom of 8" Bag

Open 8" Bag

Bottom of 10" Bag

Open 10" Bag

Bottom of 12" Bag

Open 12" Bag




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