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8" Crystal Tones™ Dead Sea Salt Lavender Aura Gold Bowl with Smokey Interior (D+45)

Crystal Tones™


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Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a suede-covered mallet and the option to add our OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallet.

Unlimited Singing Bowls Observations:
Lavender, as an herb, possesses several healing properties. It has been used aromatically, to soothe and calm - for those who suffer anxiety, depression or mental exhaustion. It is also known to be used medicinally for all manner of ailments; rashes, fevers, sunburn.

The Dead Sea has been a source of salt for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used the salt to treat a wide range of issues including skin ailments and allergies. Today, people use sea salt in their homes, as both decorations and to ionize the air.

The Dead Sea Salt Lavender Aura Gold Bowl, with its Smokey Interior, is the representation of these healing properties - it is not a literal representation, nor is it literally infused with lavender itself - but helps you to manifest healing within yourself. The beautiful tones it creates generate powerful healing energy that anyone will find useful for cleansing and renewing the spirit.

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Approximate Fundamental Tone: D+45

Approximate Fundamental Tone: D+45Unlimited Small OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallet

Unlimited OG Atlantis Mallet Measurements:
Length: 8.7"
Width: .6"

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