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Curated Gift Boxes

Whether you're resonating more masculine or feminine or are happily balanced as your uniquely you self, there is a gift box here that will be a treat for you.

Originally designed with parents of all shapes and sizes in mind-- because, for real, who needs self-care more than a parent?-- these gift boxes are wonderful for any gift occasion. As a wedding gift, birthday, life initiation, or just to say, Hey, I care about you, and a singing bowl alone just isn't enough! I want to slather you with all the good things!

With these gift boxes we are happy to collaborate with local Lincoln companies, right here in Nebraska, for many of the self-care products. Check out Arise Botanicals, Spiritus Vitae Botanicals, Hood's Fine Beard Oils, Feya Candle Co., and other local makers. Yes, we here in the heartland are so much more than corn and football, though we respect those aspects too.