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Unlimited Uplifting Gift Box ~ ~ Sound & Joy



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A thoughtfully curated gift box centered around sound a little lift. 

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Uplifting : Like a sweet breeze blowing through or the song of a bird or the refreshing touch of rain on your cheek. It's easy to get weighed down by life.Sometimes you need a little reminder to look up, look around, and take the next step in the light. Everyone needs a little lift sometime.

The Uplifting Singing Bowl Set features the 5" Kabru Singing Bowl, a mallet, Amazonite Heart Stone, Clair de Lune Essential Oil Roll-on, Sage and Lemongrass Candle from Feya, and Joyeuse Pluie Salt Scrub.

The Kabru Singing Bowl is visually stunning, with gold lines delicately etched by hand into its black exterior. This bowl has two registers, a high and a low. Engraved with a lotus on the outside, this bowl is a reminder that it takes muck and darkness to grow and bloom.

Amazonite: Stone of courage, truth and feminine strength. It empowers one to discover their truth and move beyond the judgement of others.

Clair de Lune Essential Oil Roll-on: Like reflecting moonlight on water this scent will linger on your skin to lift you out of the dark and into a light heart. Roll-on the nourishing touch of jojoba oil with lavender, tangerine, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, tea tree, pine scotch, oregano, euclyptus.

Feya Sage and Lemongrass Candle: Revitalize the mind and clear the air with the detoxifying scent of lemongrass and cleansing scent of sage.

Joyeuse Pluie Salt Scrub: A happy rain! Enjoy this scrub in the shower and let the refreshing rain scent lighten your body and mind. Rub down your body with a light scrub of epsom salt, kosher salt, organic coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, lanolin oil, wild orange peel, clove bud, star anise fruit/seed, lemon myrtle leaf, nutmeg kernel, vanilla bean extract, ginger rhizome, organic cinnamon bark, zdravetz herb.

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