Kult-Ur-Sprung Products by Martin Bläse

Martin Bläse, the creator and maker of the Trigons, Cosmic Tubes, and Sound Plates has been working as a silversmith since 1993, forging resonating objects such as singing bowls and gongs.

A third generation gong-smith he considers creating new overtone-instruments to be his sacred profession.

Please enjoy this excerpt of Forge Singing Bowls by Martin Bläse.

"The shell is open.
My heart is open. 

The hammer beats in harmony with my heart in the pulse of creation.

The shell fades away, the silence continues. 

And when my heart dies down, the love goes on.

Shell by shell, I carry my open heart into the world. 

Do you hear the sound of love in your heart?"

You can learn more about Martin and his business KULT-UR-SPRUNG here.