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Unlimited Release Gift Box ~ ~ Sound & Relaxation



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A thoughtfully curated gift box centered around sound and release.

Release : In our cells, in our muscles, we have the memory of moments where our fear, sadness, or anger moved in and stayed. The good new is that it can be released! Sound is a wonderful way to do that because sound moves through us. Wiggles stuck spaces, allows us to sink in to our bodies and let go of old holding patterns.

The Release Singing Bowl Set features the 5" Annapurna Singing Bowl, a mallet, Smokey Quartz Stone, Wild Hearts Tonic Tea from Arise Botanicals, White Sage, and Bain de Roses Bath Salt.

The Annapurna Singing Bowl is a warm, shiny healer who loves to work with the body. It an energizing and soothing bowl that when placed on the body allows release on a cellular level.

Smokey Quartz: Leave your baggage behind and connect to the earth with a clear connection to the air above. Smokey Quartz helps clear the air of electromagnetic and emotional stress.

Arise Botanicals Wild Hearts Tonic Tea: Enjoyed regularly, this combination of oatstraw, rose buds, pine needles, linden blossoms, cinnamon chips, and lemon balm are designed to soften the heart, release stress, and sooth the nervous system.

Sage: For calming the body and clearing the mind.

Bain de Roses Bath Salt: A nourishing soak of epsom salt, attar of rose, bergamot, jasmine, and sweet orange.

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