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Karma Completer - Set of 6 Singing Bowls - A: 432 Hz Tuning



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This item comes with six singing bowls, pillows for each bowl, and two felt mallets.

Note: This set was hand-picked to play well together. The notes in the set are based on A = 432 Hz tuning. The photos of the bowls on this page are examples of the styles and sizes of bowls included in this set.

Hello Bowl Lovers.  We are not wading into the sometimes vitriolic discussions of 432 v 440 hertz.  We embrace the fact that different humans like different vibrations.

If you like 432hz, all power to you.  It's only been since the middle of the 20th century that 440hz was standardized globally.  Maybe your ancient vibe grooves with different tunings.

This special tuning as well as the energetic charge of this set can help to create a field that focuses on your past life aura (behind and above you) where karmic blocks from unfinished cycles can live.

Healing the Spirit and the Mind allows Grace to enter the physical realm. From there you can create more freedom as Spirit to act in this incarnation.

This set includes the following bowls, sizes and notes:

5" Pumori - Ab4
5" Pumori - B4
6" Pumori - Eb4
7" Makalu - A4
8" Moksha - F4
10" Annapurna - C4

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