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Unlimited Singing Bowl Sets for Mothers

Creating these Singing Bowl Sets with mothers in mind has been a truly nourishing experience for all of us here at Unlimited Singing Bowls. Sampling teas and tinctures from Alex at Arise Botanicals added a new tradition to our workplace, which softened the space of community and sharing. When the testing of the body scrubs came, we all knew we had the best job ever. It continued with circles of smelling different essential oils and talking about memories and images the scents brought up. Playing singing bowls and getting to know the stones that support the themes, have helped us all look at the ways we care for ourselves. All the while supported by the work of figuring out all the little details of labeling, packing and creating items happens. It’s been a holistic work that each of us have supported with our talents and skills and it’s been a lot of fun.

We wholeheartedly offer these bundles to you and the mothers you love as a means to show care.

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