6" Crystal Tones™ Androgynous Indium Bowl (B+15)

Crystal Tones™


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PLEASE NOTE: The product photo is of a Androgynous Indium Bowl, but not the exact Androgynous Indium Bowl in the listing. See video for actual size and color as all bowls vary slightly.

Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

Approximate Fundamental Tone: B+15

Crystal Tones™ Description:
"The deeply violet-hue iridescent bowl contains Indium, a non-synthesized natural substance for vitamin and mineral absorption, balance in body alignment, centering, clearing and integrating male/female aspects of self. Radiating the violet light of ascension (I AM ONE), the Androgynous Indium bowl illumines one's Interior Life, allowing all aspects of Self. Embracing the physical shift to male/female balance, we fully dance the expanded frequencies of Enlightenment that transcend cultural belief systems."

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Category: Alchemy Bowls

Type: Crystal Bowl