6" Crystal Tones™ Lapis Frosted Bowl

Crystal Tones™


PLEASE NOTE: The product photo provided by Crystal Tones™ may show more than one bowl. This listing is for ONE bowl only!

Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

Approximate Fundamental Tone: C#+35

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl:
The Frosted Lapis Bowl made by Crystal Tones really cleans your 7th (crown) chakra. For someone stuck in the consciousness of just being a body, not a soul, it awakens a new awareness. For people who are already aware of themselves as spirit, it realigns the crown chakra with higher energies to allow more spiritual insights, new thoughts from your higher self, and the flow of ideas. If you are feeling stuck, this is a great bowl to get things moving again.

The stone of truth, integrity and prosperity, Lapis enhances wisdom, inner vision and mental clarity. It encourages feelings of serenity and loving acceptance of self. Lapis helps us exhibit our inner power while purifying the spirit and our thoughts. Lapis is supportive in our interactions with our spirit guardians.

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