7.5" Temple Bowl Gong (Black Ching Bowl)

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Each bowl comes with a pillow and mallet.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:

Bowl Diameter: 7.5" / 18 cm

Bowl Height: 5.5 " / 14 cm 

Bowl Weight: 2 lb 14 oz /  1300 g
Pillow Diameter: 8.5" / 23 cm

Pillow Weight: 8 oz / 235 g

This 7.5" bowl works best as a personal or individual sound healing bowl. The tones produced by this bowl are in the fourth octave. This bowl is simple to play.

Buddhists use this bowl to meditate. Sound healers and therapists like to add it to the soundscape as it is strong and soothing.

The Black Ching Gong is best played by striking the top edge, or rim.

You can get remarkable tones that are both clarion and subtle. They stay in a specific range but sustain and hold for a good length of time.

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