7" Crystal Tones™ Larimar Mother of Platinum Bowl (B+40)

Crystal Tones™


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Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

Approximate Fundamental Tone: B+40

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl:
Crystal Tones Larimar Mother of Platinum Bowl works to help you open up your crown chakra and allow you connect to the Divine. It removes blocks that prevent you to connect with the spiritual to make it easier to hear the Divine. It enables you to clear out the kundalini energy channels and your clairaudient channels. (The clairaudient channels help you hear Spirit.) It also opens your heart (fourth) chakra to allow you to have this profound communication. When you or clients need guidance to connect with the Divine to find their greatest and highest good, this is the crystal bowl to use.

Crystal Tones™ Description:
"Larimar, though born of volcanic fire, is one of the cardinal water element stones. It balances the polarities of the fire and water energies, cools tempers, calms fears and stresses while nurturing the physical and emotional bodies. It is a powerful meditation aid and is helpful in breaking patterns that no longer serve the highest good. Larimar helps to connect to the divine feminine, releases emotional bonds, strengthens communication, and helps to bolster courage to speak from the heart. Add the properties of Mother of Platinum and you have a natural harmonizer that is helpful in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort.

"Larimar and Platinum can help us to let go of thoughts and patterns that no longer serve us. It allows one to balance the Divine feminine. By doing this, one can better be able to approach and figure out situations from a place of calmness."

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Category: Alchemy Bowls

Type: Crystal Bowl