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7" Crystal Tones™ Mother of Platinum Bowl

Crystal Tones™


Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

Approximate Fundamental Tone: A+15

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl:
The Mother of Platinum Crystal Tones Bowl creates an incredible, powerful tone. The energy it manifests is even greater than its tone. Aligned with the divine light of the universe, this energy helps rinse and remove pain simply and easily. It brings that light into areas that were darkened or depressed and flushes the darkness out with its powerful vibrations. It facilitates focus of the mind and enables healing of the spirit. It is the adept companion of the practice of meditation and prayer.

Crystal Tones™ Description:
"A natural harmonizer of pure quartz and platinum that creates a mother of pearl essence and opalescent finish and carries an energy of Venus, the goddess of love. Microscopic bubbles added to the quartz produce a porous surface and pastel elegance with a nurturing vibration of water elements. The beautiful and spherical completeness of pearl represents an ever-present fullness of Spirit. Helpful in working through emotional issues and giving birth to mature Divine Mother/Gaia energies in a sound stream of comfort."

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