7.1" Meinl™ Special Engraved Singing Bowls (SE-800)



Yes, each bowl comes with a cushion and cover.
Meinl mallets sold separately.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter: 7.1" / 18 cm

Bowl Weight: 30 oz / 850 g

Engraved by hand in an ornate manner with a shining finish, Meinl's Special Engraved Singing Bowls command a presence in both sight and sound. 

These bowls ring with pure, cleansing tones when struck with a mallet and can be made to sing subtly.  These Special Engraved Bowls can be used for a variety of your special sound healing practices.

Please note: Thanks to the laws of physics, the tones of the larger bowls are lower and the smaller bowls are higher.

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