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9" Crystal Tones™ Indian Pipestone Bowl (F-20) - Floor Model

Crystal Tones™


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Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

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Approximate Fundamental Tone: F-20

Please Note:
This Indian Pipestone bowl was never used. A customer purchased it, didn't like the appearance of the bowl, and sent it back. In the process of shipping it back, the rim was ever-so-slightly chipped. It doesn't affect the sound at all. The round spots you can see on the inside of the bowl are just a part of the creation process. They are not imperfections, rather, they are part of the character of the bowl. We are offering this bowl at a slight discount. It still has its original sound and presence, it just tucked a little adventure under its rim.

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl:
The Crystal Tones Indian Pipestone Bowl is very grounding. You feel it in your first (root) chakra and your legs and feet. It allows your cells to accept higher vibrations.

Your body is naturally attuned to and accepting of certain energies, but if you want to manifest more energetic light, this is the bowl for you. It helps you release outdated concepts you may have based on third dimensional perceptions, and facilitates the acceptance of information from the higher realms. It aids in gleaning wisdom, compassion, acceptance and answers for self. It moves your mind and body to connect with humanity’s highest spiritual evolutionary purpose.

This bowl has the vibrational energy capacity to be useful for big events, so if you like healing large groups, you would do well with this bowl as your healing catalyst and psychic partner.

Other Observations:
Pipestone (also known as Catlinite) is a type of red, metamorphic rock. This stone has been traditionally quarried by Native Americans and used for sacred ceremonial pipes - thus the name 'pipestone'. The quarries are found and preserved in the Pipestone National Monument in Minnestota, in Minnehaha County, South Dakota, and at the Pipestone River in Canada.

The metaphysical properties of Pipestone enable one to connect the spiritual and the physical. It is useful for grounding prayer and ritual into physical, everyday life. It is also a very protective stone. It is thought to enable communication with spirits and the ancestors. The metaphysical properties of pipestone infused into this bowl make it a more than apt catalyst for whatever kind of spiritual goals and healing you set your intentions to. We think it's an essential piece to add your sound healing collection.

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