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9" Crystal Tones™ Green Heart Ocean Gold Bowl (A Perfect Pitch)

Crystal Tones™


PLEASE NOTE: The product photo provided by Crystal Tones™ may show more than one bowl. This listing is for ONE bowl only!

Each Crystal Tones™ bowl comes with a rubber ring on which to place the bowl and a suede covered mallet.

Approximate Fundamental Tone: A0

Unlimited Singing Bowls Clairvoyant Assessment of This Bowl:
The Green Heart Ocean Gold Singing Bowl lets you know, via its name, where it heals. It is ready, willing and able to work on your fourth (heart) chakra. Let its ocean vibrations loosen the grip of invalidation, guilt, judgment and other energies that hinder feelings of self-worth. Those energies will bring your thoughts down too. When you don’t like yourself, its hard to change your life and create the things you want.

Be present with this bowl and set your intention to release fourth chakra blocks, and let the energy progress to other chakras that may be holding energy that no longer serves you. If you want more love for yourself and others, this bowl is the catalyst to giving and receiving love in abundance.

We find this bowl is good to play in concert with other healing bowls that focus on clearing energy. In this way when the conflicted parts of you that are struggling get energized to leave, they have help to depart. Then you can more easily become a whole and peaceful being.

Crystal Tones™ Description:
"This bowl streams forth Neptunian pearl-like waveforms with bubbly, playful dolphin pod energies that encourage loving communication. It can enhance the immune system and activate the thymus gland. The "We Are One" throat chakra knowing promotes shared leadership and teamwork. Yang frequencies of gold and water elementals create love, balance, self-realization and attunement with nature's healing forces. The communicative, happy frequencies of our cetacean friends are the essence of the Ocean 24K Gold Bowl - a remarkable sonic tool for mastering the art of flow."

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