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Binaural Set of 7" Makalu Singing Bowls



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This listing includes two bowls, pillows, and a striker for the bowls. This unique set was hand-picked to meet a specific standard. Once it's gone, it's gone, so act quickly!

The Makalu Dimpled Singing Bowl rings with clear, bright vibrations. The bowl's thick round sides create long sustain. This bowl is easy to sing, making it great for beginners seeking an joyous, invigorating sound.

We carefully searched through our selection of Makalu Bowls to find two with nearly identical pitch. Because of the mathematical nature of sound, the slight difference in pitch leads to intermittent amplification and reduction as the peaks and troughs overlap at various intervals. This creates a third, perceived, illusory note that's heard in the mind equal to the difference between the two fundamental notes. This phenomenon is called Binaural Beats.

Click here to read more about the phenomenon of Binaural Beats and how you can make them work with your sound therapy and spiritual healing practice. Listen to the video above (with headphones) to get a deeper understanding of how these bowls sound and how the Binaural effect works.

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