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Brain, Nerves and Nadi Healing Set of 3 Singing Bowls (A = 432 hz)



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This listing comes with three bowls, pillows and strikers. It is a unique set. Once it is gone, we will not have another exactly like it.

Prana, life force energies, flow through the subtle bodies and into the physical body via your major chakras, to your minor chakras and then through your nadis, thousands of which are scattered throughout your bodies.

Of course, your body has its own intense energy, the Kundalini -  ida ("lunar" energy, to the left of the spine), pingala ("solar" energy, to the right of the spine) and sushumna, which runs along the center of the spinal cord through the seven chakras.  The kundalini helps remove spiritual blocks and connect you more to God, and it can heal your nervous system and chakras as well. 
As above, so below. Prana and Kundalini can flow and help you heal

We've hand-selected this set of bowls, curated them, based on the tuning of  432 Hz scale, for use in sound healing that helps your physical nervous system and your spiritual nervous system.

Bowl Set Details:

8" Singing Bowl
Rim Note: D4
Side Note: A4 (432 hz) . 

10" Singing Bowl #1 (Shiny)
Rim Note: E4
Side Note: B2

10" Singing Bowl #2
Rim Note: F#3
Side Note: C3

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