Crystal Tones™ Endocrine Frosted Singing Bowl Set

Crystal Tones™


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Each set includes seven bowls with o-rings and a selection of suede and felt mallets.

A Large Set of 7 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls. One bowl for each of the classic chakras, in sizes ranging from 8" to 18". Bowls will be in the following notes/tones C (sexual), D (adrenals), E (solar plexus), F (thymus), G (zeal point), A (pineal), and B (crown). This set includes bowls that are perfect pitch or close to perfect pitch, so they sound wonderful together.

This Large Chakra Set includes the following bowl sizes:

Pineal: 16" A#
Solar Plexus: 8" E
Zeal Point: 10" G#
Crown: 10" B
Thymus: 12" F#
Adrenals: 18" D#
Sexual: 13" C#

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