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Crystal Tones™ Medium Chakra Set of 7 Bowls - Fearless Lightbringer

Crystal Tones™


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This set includes seven bowls with rubber rings for each bowl to rest on and three suede mallets.

Medium Set of 7 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls:

The bowls and their notes are associated with specific chakras in present-day exoteric discussions, ranging in size from 9" to 14". The bowls hold the following notes/tones: C (root), D (sacral), E (solar plexus), F (heart), G (throat), A (third eye), and B (crown). This set includes bowls that are perfect pitch or close to perfect pitch, so they sound wonderful together. Very harmonious.

Please watch and listen to both videos. The introduction to the bowls and then the playing of them. These videos will help you get a sense of this set and where it can take you and others.

This Medium Chakra Set includes the following sizes:

Root: 14" - C
Sacral: 11" - D
Solar Plexus: 12" - E
Heart: 9" - F
Throat: 14" - G
Third Eye: 12" - A
Crown: 10" - B

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