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Crystal Tones™ Set of 3 Frosted Crystal Bowls - Comfort of Strength

Crystal Tones™


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This set includes three bowls with rubber rings for each bowl, one suede mallet and one Medium OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallet.

Note: The bowl in the photo is an example of what these bowls look like. Please watch the video below for specific details on this pair.

Comfort of Strength - Set of 3 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls:

In times of uncertainty or fear, it is easy to succumb to negative inner messaging. Each of us has a well of Strength from which we can draw by connecting to our spirit. By getting grounded and asking for access to this strength, you can find comfort during times of uncertainty. That's what this set of bowls aims to do. So get comfortable and listen to this set above to see and hear if it's right for your sound baths.

The bowls in this set were picked because they sound beautiful together. Each bowl is True Tone, which means they are either right on or very close to their exact notes when tested with a tuner. 

This set includes the following bowls: 
9" - B 
9" - F# 
10" - E 

Unlimited OG Atlantis Mallet Measurements:
Length: 8.7"

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