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Crystal Tones™ Set of 7 Frosted Crystal Bowls - Hearing Angels

Crystal Tones™


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This set includes seven bowls with rubber rings for each bowl, two suede mallets, one medium and one large OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallet.

Note: The bowl in the photo is an example of what these bowls look like. Please watch the video below for specific details on this pair.

Hearing Angels - Set of 7 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls:

This set is here to help with hearing your spirit guides, angels, higher-self, or higher consciousness, giving you guidance and comfort as you go through your day. 

Prominent in this set is the 5th chakra bowl, which helps with your hearing, listening, communicating. Also, the 2nd chakra bowl helps to clear stress out of the emotional body, which can get in the way of integrating guidance. The 7th chakra bowl allows you to bring the guidance in and the 1st chakra bowl helps you to feel safe in that guidance.

Please watch and listen to both the the introduction and sound healing videos to get a sense of this set and where it can take you and others.

This set includes the following bowls: 
12" - C - Root
14" - D - Sacral
10" - E - Solar Plexus
10" - F - Heart
14" - G - Throat
9" - A - Third Eye
12" - B - Crown

Unlimited OG Atlantis Mallet Measurements:
Length: 8.7"
Width: .9" to 1.3"

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