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Crystal Tones™ Set of 7 Frosted Crystal Bowls - The Spirit of DNA

Crystal Tones™


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This set includes seven bowls with rubber rings for each bowl, one Crystal Tones Mallet, and our OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallets.

Note: The bowl in the photo is an example of what these bowls look like. Please watch the video below for specific details on this set.

The Spirit of DNA - Set of 7 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls:

This set works on the spiritual nature of your DNA. We're not talking about physical changes to DNA or healing any sort of serious physical conditions or ailments (please consult with a doctor or physician in addition to any spiritual healing work you're doing). On a spiritual level, your DNA has a history. Generational, spiritual trauma and blocks can be passed down through your DNA. With this set, you can clean out some of that DNA karma and bring more of your spiritual energy and light into your body. 

Release the spiritual blocks in your genetic code, break through generational karma, begin to release the stress of thousands of years. Work through the energy of your ancestors. 

Please listen to both videos to see if this set is right for you. 

This set includes the following bowls: 
12" - C - Root
14" - D - Sacral
13" - E - Solar Plexus
11" - F - Heart
11" - G - Throat
10" - A - Third Eye
9" - B - Crown

Unlimited OG Atlantis Mallet Measurements:
Length: 8.7"
Width: .9" to 1.3"

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