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Crystal Tones™ Small Chakra Set of 7 Bowls - Pure Positivity

Crystal Tones™


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This set includes seven bowls with rubber rings for each bowl to rest on and three of our OG Atlantis Crystal Bowl Mallets.  

Small Set of 7 Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls:

This set includes one bowl for each of the classic chakras, in sizes ranging from 8" to 12". Bowls will be in the following notes/tones D (sacral), E (solar plexus), F (heart), G (throat), A (third eye), and B (crown) and C (higher crown). All of these bowls are "True Tone" which means they're very close to perfect pitch.

Please watch and listen to both videos: the presentation of the bowls and then the sound healing and playing of them. These videos will help you get a sense of this set and where it can take you and others.

This Small Chakra Set includes the following bowl sizes:

Sacral: 10" - D
Solar Plexus: 9" - E
Heart: 9" - F
Throat: 9" - G
Third Eye: 8" - A
Crown: 8" - B
Higher Crown: 12" - C

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