5" Unlimited™ Kabru Singing Bowl



Yes, each bowl comes with a pillow and mallet.

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter: 5" / 13 cm
Bowl Weight: 1 lb 2 oz / 500 g 

The Kabru Singing Bowl is visually stunning, with gold lines delicately etched by hand into its black exterior. This bowl has two registers, a high and a low.  To reach the high register, you can strike the bowl with a harder mallet, to reach the lower one use a softer mallet .  Both can be reached simultaneously if the bowl is struck with two mallets. Happily, the sustain of the tones is quite long despite the small size of the bowl.


Kabru literally means the 'White Avalanche.'  In fact, thanks to this mountain's difficult approaches and size, it is often the avalanches that keep mountaineers from reaching its peak. Very few have. This mountain reminds us that there are things greater than man. The western face of this mountain is in Nepal and the eastern face is in India as the border runs along the ridge.

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