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SOLD! 7.25" Lingam Antique Bowl

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This bowl comes with a pillow and a mallet.

Please keep in mind that antique bowls move between frequencies and it's difficult to pin down an exact tone, but we have done our best to pick out the most prominent tones.

Approximate Tones:
Rim tone: E in the 4th octave 322Hz
Dominant Tone: D in the 4th octave 296Hz
Bass Tone: A in the 2nd octave 110Hz

Approximate Bowl Measurements:
Bowl Diameter: 7.25" / 18.4 cm
Height: 3.5" / 8.9 cm
Weight:  2 lbs 8oz / 1 kg 134 g

The amazing tones on this rare bowl help transmute vibrations from the lower chakras. It gets your kundalini energy flowing. We see that small groups of monks would sit around this bowl and chant and get healings from it. Try chanting “Om” and similar tones while playing this bowl. It is truly a spiritually sonic experience that will open you up.

Purported to be the most rare of the Himalayan singing bowls, Lingam bowls have a range of shapes and sizes but are easily identified by a conical protrusion in the center of the basin (the lingam) and its corresponding concave dimple on the bottom of the bowl. This protruding feature is said represent the male phallus.

Lingam is a Sanskrit word that actually has several definitions: it can mean mark or symbol, or a representation of the divine generative energy represented via the Hindu God Shiva.

Ornamentation of this type of bowl is fairly consistent, however minimal, with a couple of concentric circles at the foot of the lingam, and one or two radiating from the center of the bowl.

The Lingam bowl’s sound is characterized by a deep, full voice - sometimes pulsating and often with a long sustain. Notes generally occupy the middle and higher octaves with the fundamental and rim notes being very nearly the same.

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