Modern Spirits 3 Singing Bowl Set - Special Sale



  • 4" Modern Spirit Nepalese Bowl
  • 5" Modern Spirit Nepalese Bowl
  • 6" Modern Spirit Nepalese Bowl
  • 3 Singing Bowl Pilliows
  • 1 Singing Bowl Mallet

  • If you were to purchase all of these bowls separately it would cost you $199 including shipping...BUT if you buy the set it will only cost $149 including shipping. That is $50 of savings.

    Each set of three is hand picked by the Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited to be mellifluous in tone, harmonious together.

    This Fearful New World is Becoming Brave!
    Money is becoming Spiritualized.
    And Spirit is becoming less Cloistered.

    Not to imply that there is a sextape of Paris and the Monk Man...

    And these singing bowls below are modern.

    So many people have the fetish of old,
    when it comes to bowls
    they don't always see the value in the new
    For if you are reincarnate
    Might also ancient bowl makers be reincarnate too?
    working their abilities in new ways and new forms?
    As we all become Modern Spirits?
    Able to hear new insights in new bodies with new sounds?

    The Malletheads think so.
    We made gongs hundreds of years ago incarnate in Asia.
    And now here we are in Nebraska, the center of the gong that is America, selling them to you.
    Riding the sound wave of divine metal again as they carry us back to the Divine.


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