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Set of 3 Annapurna Singing Bowls (A432 Hz) - Concurrent Eternities



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This listing includes three singing bowls, pillows, and a striker.

Note: The bowl in the main photo is an example of how Annapurna bowls usually look. See the video below for a better idea of the bowls that come with this set.

The peaks and dips of the Annapurna Singing Bowl sound waves have long sustain thanks to the thickness of the metal. The beautiful tones from these bowls are powerful meditation aides. They are perfect for sound therapists and healers working with sound. 

We searched our inventory and found three singing bowls that sound great together using A=432 Hz tuning. We're calling this set "Concurrent Eternities" (#DYP279) because we feel like these bowls help in bringing in divine messaging into your body, connecting through your upper chakras and aligning with the rest of your energy centers. Listen to the video above to see and hear if this set is right for your spiritual healing and sound therapy toolkit.

432 Hz Set Details:
6" Annapurna - Fundamental Tone: F4
7" Annapurna - Fundamental Tone: G3
10" Annapurna - Fundamental Tone: A4

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