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Set of 3 Infinite Chakra Singing Bowls - Return To Joy



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This set comes with three bowls, pillows, strikers, and two Meinl singing bowl mallets. Listen to both the introduction and the sound healing in the two videos below to hear this hand-picked set. 

Our Infinite Chakra Bowls are made with sound healers in mind. They are twice-hammered to provide long sustain with clean, rich, bell-like tones. Each bowl was made with extra time, effort, and consideration.

We listened to each bowl in-stock and put together this set of 3 bowls based on how great they sound together. The intention with this set is to hear and feel the love of the Creator, allowing the listener to release the parts that make you feel you aren't worthy of joy. Allow self-love back into your 4th chakra and return to joy with this set of bowls.

Singing Bowl Set Details:
Second Chakra Bowl - 10" / 26 cm || 3.3 lbs / 1500 g
Fourth Chakra Bowl - 9" / 22.5 cm || 2.8 lbs / 1300 g
Fifth Chakra Bowl - 7" / 17.5 cm || 1.5 lbs / 680 g

Meinl Large Mallet (SB-M-LT-L) Measurements:
Length: 12.4" / 31.6 cm
Head Diameter: 3" / 7.6 cm

Meinl Small  Mallet (SB-M-LT-S) Measurements:
Length: 8.2" / 21 cm
Head Diameter: 2" / 5 cm

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