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Set of Binaural Moksha and Annapurna Singing Bowls (A432 Hz)



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This listing includes two singing bowls, pillows, and a striker.

Binaural Beats occur when two tones that are very close in frequency are played together. The difference in the two tones is heard in the mind's ear as a third tone. This phenomenon allows us to hear frequencies or beats that can't normally be perceived by the human ear.

We found two bowls using A=432 Hz tuning and made sure that their tones were close enough to create a nice 3 Hz beat. Listen to the video above to see and hear if this pair is right for your spiritual healing and sound therapy toolkit.

Binaural Set Details:
10" Moksha - Fundamental Tone: 111 Hz
12" Annapurna - Fundamental Tone: 108 Hz
Fundamental Binaural Beat: 3 Hz

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