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SUPER CLEARANCE! Amazing Tamayura Japanese Bell

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We only have a few left so they are now super low priced.

Included with the bell is a striker.

Note: The bell used in the video is the Pink Tamayura Bell. It is not the exact, specific bell you will receive, but an example of what these bells usually sound like. The exact tone and pitch may vary from one to the next, but this is a good, accurate sample of the bell you will receive. Please use the drop down menu above to select the color you are interested in.

Tamayura Bells are a new bell design that has been popular in Japan since 2005. They are on many modern-looking Buddhist altars in Japanese homes.

Of course, the Tamayura is also used in many secular places: offices, businesses, kitchens and desks. Japanese interior design has leaned more Western in recent years. So when you want to add a contemporary look to your space, this delightful bell is the perfect melding of new style and sound.

Bell Measurements:
Width: 2.25" / 6 cm
Height: 2.25" / 6 cm

Mallet Measurements:
Length: 2.5" / 6 cm
Head Diameter: 0.75" / 2 cm

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