Tamayura Japanese Bell

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We offer four different colors of the Tamayura Japanese Bell. Included with the bell is a striker.

Tamayura Bells are a new bell design that has been popular in Japan since 2005. They are on many modern-looking Buddhist altars in Japanese homes.

Of course, the Tamayura is also used in many secular places: offices, businesses, kitchens and desks. Japanese interior design has leaned more Western in recent years and so when you want to add a contemporary look to their space, this delightful bell, is the perfect melding of new style and sound.

Bell Measurements:
Width: 2.25" / 6 cm
Height: 2.25" / 6 cm

Mallet Measurements:
Length: 2.5" / 6 cm
Head Diameter: 0.75" / 2 cm

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