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The Sounds of Atlantis - Set of 7 Singing Bowls - A: 432 Hz Tuning



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This item comes with seven singing bowls, pillows for each bowl, two black suede mallets and one Meinl felt singing bowl mallet.

Note: This set was hand-picked to play well together. The notes in the set are based on A = 432 Hz tuning.

Hello Bowl Lovers.  We are not wading into the sometimes vitriolic discussions of 432 v 440 hertz.  We embrace the fact that different humans like different vibrations.

If you like 432hz, all power to you.  It's only been since the middle of the 20th century that 440hz was standardized globally.  Maybe your ancient vibe grooves with different tunings. Perhaps you have blockages from an Atlantean lifetime that need Atlantean vibrations.

What we value in this curated set of 7 bowls is the healing that is its ability to take us back to old conflicts, to shake them out without getting us stuck in another time. It is effective in grounding the listener, bringing balance back inside, connecting to the Source and keeping it simple.

Sure, you can get highly mental and logical and overthink everything, or you can vault forward and take action without following any inner guidance, but why?

Why not find yourself and your next steps in the simplicity of grace and being centered? Then you have less bumps and problems as you go forward.

This bowl set is made to help the spiritually inclined do that.

This set includes the following bowls, sizes and notes:

10" Annapurna - C#3 - 136 Hz
9" Pumori - D3 - 144 Hz
8" Pumori - E3 - 160 Hz
8" Makalu - F4 - 342 Hz
7" Makalu - G4 - 384 Hz
7" Makalu - A4 - 432 Hz
10" Annapurna - B3 - 242 Hz

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