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Three Sisters Set of 3 Singing Bowls



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This listing comes with three bowls, pillows and strikers. It is a unique, hand-picked set. Once it is gone, we will not have another exactly like it.

Like the connection, the bond, the love of three sisters, these bowls are bound together. Just as their love transcends a simple genetic relationship, the perfect harmony of these three bowls transcends a simple grouping of three bowls. The specific sounds and qualities of each bowl create unique relationships between the full set. Like a family, there is a give and take, consonance and dissonance, patterns of unity and disunity that create a specific sound experience.

Tap into the power of familial love. We've hand-selected this set of bowls, curated them, listening to many different bowls to find three that sound beautiful together, for use in sound therapy and spiritual healing.

Bowl Set Details:
10" Moksha Singing Bowl
10" Pumori Singing Bowl
14" Pumori Singing Bowl

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