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TTE Konklang Crystal Bowl Rubber Mallet KSR-13HL-B30(G)

TTE Konklang™


This TTE Konklang Crystal Bowl Rubber Mallet works well with rough crystal bowls such as the Crystal Tones Frosted Singing Bowls.

Mallet Measurements (Approx):
Mallet Rubber Spread Diameter: 0.51"
Length of Rubber Spread: 3.94"
Handle Length: 5.51"
Handle Diameter: 0.39" 
Ball Diameter: 1.18"
Weight: 1.4 oz.
Total length: 10.63"

Mallet Specifications:
Mallet Head Material: Silicone-Coutschuc fine ground (intensive stiction)
Handle Material: Waxed Beechwood 
Mallet Head Color: Natural White
Handle Color: Beechwood



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