Unlimited Amitabha Buddha Singing Bowls with Engraved Buddhas



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We offer three different sizes of the Amitabha Singing Bowl. A decorative pillow and mallet are included.

The 6" Bowl Measurements (Approx):
Bowl Diameter: 6" / 15 cm 
Bowl Weight: 1 lb 6 oz / 640 g

The 7.5" Bowl Measurements (Approx):
Bowl Diameter: 7.5"/ 19 cm
Bowl Weight: 1 lb 15 oz / 880 g

The 8" Bowl Measurements (Approx):
Bowl Diameter: 8" / 20 cm
Bowl Weight: 2 lbs 7 oz / 1 kg

The Amitabha was, in ancient times and in another world, a monk and former king named Dharmakara who came into contact with buddhism through Lokesvararaja and renounced his throne. He resolved to become the Buddha and come into the Buddha-Field. He expressed this resolution through 48 vows, which outlined the type of perfect universe he set out to create through merit and rebirth. Through his efforts, he created a pure land called Sukhavati.

The Amitabha made it possible, through the power of his vows, for all who call upon him to be reborn into this pure-land. There, they can undergo instruction in the dharma and become buddhas so they can return to the world to share these gifts with those in need.

Bring these gifts into your world by channeling this same intention through the fusion of sound and physical beauty with this hand-made, bronze singing bowl.

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