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Unlimited Awareness Gift Box ~ ~ Sound & Clarity



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A thoughtfully curated gift box centered around sound and awareness. 

Awareness : Present, centered and alert. Sometimes life feels like a whirlwind or an electric cloud where it’s hard to find yourself. But here you are. Right here in your body, smelling, tasting, touching, perceiving your present reality.

The Awareness Singing Bowl Set features the 5.5" Moksha Singing Bowl, a mallet, Amethyst Crystal, Fill Your Cup Self-Nurture Tincture from Arise Botanicals, Japanese Cypress Incense, and Lavender Soap from Feya.

The Moksha Singing Bowl contains the image of a seated Buddha surrounded by the Om mantra. Moksha is the end of the death and rebirth cycle and the transcendence of struggle. The bowl rings a clear tone with high and low registers.

Amethyst: A stone of purifying clarity, prosperity and protection. Amethyst clears the way for wisdom to come through for protection and connection to the divine.

Arise Botanicals Fill Your Cup Self-Nurture Tincture: A combination of ginger, rose elixir, yarrow, motherwort, hawthorne,  and shatavari designed to support the body.

Japanese Cypress Incense: A woody invigorating scent to clear the air and mind.

Feya Lavender Soap: Made by a company started here in Lincoln, NE, lavender is a calming scent that encourages restfulness and reduces internal and external irritations.

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