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Unlimited Care Gift Box ~ ~ Sound & Restore



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A thoughtfully curated gift box centered around sound and restoration. 

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Care : To give attention to, to provide for. What we pay attention to is what we care for. As you care for others, it's good to also give a little attention to yourself.  Give yourself space for a good, meditative grooming, and remember to light that incense match as you leave the bathroom! That is balanced care!

The Care Singing Bowl Gift Box features the 5" Pumori Singing Bowl, a mallet, Tiger's Eye, Hood's Beard Oil and Coffee Soap, and a set of three of The Incense Matchbooks.

The Pumori Singing Bowl resonates strongly with fabulous low tones when gently tapped by a mallet. It has a dense vibration when made to sing. The undertones can be felt within the body.

Tiger's Eye: Rich, shimmering layers of gold and brown bring to mind the eye of a large beast. It is earthy, sensual, and knowing. A warm stone whose rich tones help with balanced, confident, and successful action.

Hood's Beard Oil: Keep your beard and skin tamed and hydrated with this combination of Avocado and Jojoba oils scented with cedarwood, lime, rosemary and tea tree.

Hood's Coffee Soap: The extra grit in this handmade soap is perfect for scrubbing off a hard day's work.

The Incense Matchbooks: A set of three incense matchbooks to carry with you for a quick refresh of your car, home, or office. Light one for a little meditative head space or clearing wherever you happen to be.

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