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Unlimited Resilience Gift Box ~ ~ Sound & Rebound (50% OFF!)



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A thoughtfully curated gift box centered around sound and rebound. 

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Resilience : To bounce back, to return once again. Sometimes we are stretched to our limits, pushed beyond. Sometimes we try and fail, and try again. Resiliency is an internal strength and optimism that helps us move through life’s challenges. It holds negativity and self-blame at bay and keeps a thread of hope moving forward into the future with a bounce in its step.

The Resilience Singing Bowl Set features the 5" Kabru Singing Bowl, a mallet, Ammonite Fossil, Smelly Repelly Bug Repellant and Ink & Owie Wound Balm from Spiritus Vitaue Botanicals, and a Black Oak Currant Candle from Feya Candle Co.

The Kabru Singing Bowl is visually stunning, with gold lines delicately etched by hand into its black exterior. This bowl has two registers, a high and a low. Engraved with a lotus on the outside, this bowl is a reminder that it takes muck and darkness to grow and bloom.

Ammonite: The ammonite shell is a spiral of individual chambers. As the ancient cephalopod grew, it built a new chamber and closed off the old one in a cycle of every four weeks. Ammonite fossils are a reminder of the constant cycles of life and stimulate the life force to move through them.

Smelly Repelly Bug Repellant: A combination of natural plant extracts to keep pests at bay from Spiritus Vitae Botanicals in Lincoln, NE.

Ink & Owie Tatoo and Wound Balm: A combination of oils and plant extracts for protection and healing for sensitive skin and small abrasions from Spiritus Vitae Botanicals in Lincoln, NE.

Black Oak Current Candle: Undertones of dark current with soft earthy notes of oak in a beautiful candle created by Feya Candle Co. in their Wanderlust line. This is an LA inspired scent based on a story of ups and downs in a growing business and the confidence needed to keep moving forward.

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