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Unlimited Set of 4 Frosted Crystal Bowls - Spiritual Bluetooth



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This listing includes four bowls with rubber rings for each bowl and two rubber mallets.

Note: The bowl in the photo is an example of what these bowls look like. Please watch the videos below to learn more about this set.

The self-talk that we listen to shapes how we see ourselves, how we live and how we work with others. It is so easy in life to listen to the destructive voices, the critical voices, the voices that tear down and deflate. There is no shortage of voices which can rob us and steal our hope, our faith, and our life.

This Set of Crystal Singing Bowls is here to quiet those voices and reconnect your Spiritual Bluetooth between the 4th and 5th Chakras for better communication with Spirit. Ask and you shall receive.

The bowls in this set were picked because they sound beautiful together. So relax, get comfortable, and take a moment to breathe. Please watch and listen to both the intro and sound healing videos to get a sense of this set and where it can take you and others.

This set includes the following bowls:
10" B + 35
10" F# + 30
12"C# + 32
12" D# + 30

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