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Meinl™ Sonic Energy Singing Bowls

Meinl Percussion was founded in 1951 in Germany.  Well known for their musical instruments, their dedication to the healing properties of sound led them to create their Sonic Energy line.  

The Meinl Sonic Energy line includes Gongs, Chimes, Tuning Forks, and of course, SINGING BOWLS.

Working with craftspeople in India, and then performing quality control in Europe, Meinl has created several types of Singing Bowls:

Universal Series - a generalist's bowl. Can be used for yoga, meditation or chanting. It fits in well with other healing instruments.

Energy Series - Sound Therapists who place bowls on or around their clients will like this bowl. The reinforced rim gives you high tones, and then the sustain is low and long.

Cosmos Series - Experienced meditators and healers will find the wider belly of this bowl and various overtones to be their liking.

Engraved Series - The engraved and polished look of these bowls impress the eyes and the clear tones impress the ears. These are great as an addition to your collection or as a gift.

Giant Series - Very large bowls that provide very deep tones and very intense vibrations.  When you need to shake up stuck energy, look to this series.

The Meinl Ornamental Singing Bowls - Great gifts! These small bowls have a rich, mid to low tone when struck and sing gently and easily.