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Crystal Tones™ Crystal Singing Bowls

Unlimited Singing Bowls is honored to offer Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. These crystal bowls are made in the USA from extremely pure quartz. Some of the bowls from this collection are also blended and forged with gemstones and precious metals. Crystal Tones bowls are the highest quality, we have found, available in the world.

This collection of gemstone and precious metal infused Crystal Tones bowls is called the "Alchemy" series. We can attest from our study and usage of them, that they truly are alchemical, not in the base medieval sense of turning physical lead into gold, but in the spiritual sense, wherein these bowls, when played, offer you energetic transformations.  You can raise your vibration, and the energies of others when you play these bowls. The healings are deep in the aura, the chakras, and the soul - as well as within the body. The sounds these bowls create are more than just sound. They carry the energy of the quartz and all the specific infused elements.

Unlimited Singing Bowls offers our unique, clairvoyant assessments of each bowl where we can, and as time goes on, we will have sample videos of them as well. We highly recommend you consider adding Crystal Tones bowls to your sound healing instruments.

If you are looking for a specific pitch or a specific Alchemy bowl, please contact us at +1 402 (474) 4664 or email us at We will get it for you!

You can look at videos of all the Crystal Tones bowls we have offered here.